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Our six-week training program focuses on business development, with a concentration on media strategy, storytelling, and brand marketing.

Training is provided by industry-leading experts who bring decades of experience teaching companies to leverage the power of strategic communications to make their businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Upon completing the program, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their companies in front of leading cannabis industry journalists, investors, community advocates and business executives.

The program will begin in March and end in early May. The sessions will be held at multiple locations, including Marino’s midtown Manhattan office. All participants will have the opportunity to present at a High NY produced showcase event in May. Applications are due by February 16, 2020.


The Cannabis Media Lab is currently accepting applications from cannabis companies located in the New York/Tri-State region for our inaugural 2020 cohort. Your chances of being accepted increase when you submit a comprehensive and well thought out application. Companies that apply early have a small advantage (as we have longer to get to know you), so we encourage submitting your application as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding your application, please reach out to us via email at apply@cannabismedialab.com

Apply Here

If you want to apply, please submit your application online by February 16, 2020.

By March 1, we’ll reach out to the companies that seem most promising for an additional round of phone interviews.

We will select program participants in early March. Sessions begin in late March.

We welcome applications from both cannabis & Hemp/CBD products and services, including ancillary businesses.

The application is open to cannabis businesses at all stages of growth. Priority will be given to startups and early-stage businesses.

Businesses must have at least one member of their executive leadership team working on the business full-time.

All businesses must be legal and in good standing with all relevant government agencies.

Priority will be given to startups, early-stage businesses and businesses run by those who have been disproportionately impacted by the criminalization of cannabis. Please see the “Our Impact” page for more information.

The program lasts from March to May and will take place both online and in our offices in New York City. Applicants must commit to participating in all sessions through the duration of the program.

At the end of the program, we will organize a showcase event in May at which Lab participants will have the opportunity to present their businesses to a carefully selected, invite-only audience of investors and media.

Participants also get access to our extensive networks for advisers,  mentors and industry leaders.


Who is eligible to participate in the Cannabis Media Lab?2020-01-02T11:41:07-05:00

Applications are open to New York-based legal cannabis hemp/CBD companies. We welcome applications from both plant-touching and ancillary businesses, provided they are operating legally, in accordance with all local and state laws.

Do you provide funding?2019-12-05T09:55:59-05:00

While we do not provide funding for companies (yet!), the program includes training, events and resources that will help you attract investors and media coverage.

Do we need to have a business plan?2020-01-02T11:41:47-05:00

Short answer—yes. While we don’t need to see your full plan, we need to know you’ve put time, thought and energy into developing your product/service and business strategy. As a reminder, the Cannabis Media Lab is only open to operating businesses who have at least one member of the executive leadership team working on the business full-time.

Do we need to be making money?2019-12-05T09:56:15-05:00

Companies that are currently generating revenue from paying customers will be prioritized.

Will you select multiple companies working on similar ideas?2019-12-05T09:56:26-05:00


I’m not sure if my business is legal.2019-12-05T09:56:46-05:00

We realize that local and state laws can be difficult to navigate. A good rule of thumb—if you pay taxes on your company’s earnings—you’re probably operating legally. If you have any questions, please write us via email at apply@cannabismedialab.com

I’ve already participated in another accelerator. Can I still apply?2019-12-05T09:56:57-05:00


What does ‘disproportionately impacted’ mean?2019-12-05T09:57:12-05:00

If you feel like your life has been severely impacted by the policing of marijuana-related laws, please explain briefly in your application. Please avoid including any potentially incriminating details.